Tobogganing in the Nature Arena Weissensee

When it is snowing outside and everything is covered in snow, it is the perfect time to go tobogganing.

The natural toboggan run is 4 kilometres long and guarantees fun for the whole family. Walk uphill or take the Weissensee ski lift to the starting point.


If you like singing and tobogganing, you should go tobogganing Wednesdays at the Naggler Alm.

The “Yodelling- Tobogganing-Workshop”

Learn to yodel and to toboggan. There is even a “Yodel – Professor”!

We have sledges for rent at House Heimat!

Have fun and enjoy tobogganing at Weissensee.


Ferienwohnungen Haus Heimat | Techendorf 51
A-9762 Weissensee | Carinthia | Austria
Phone +43 (4713) 2267

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